As a homeowner, you likely plan for home improvement and maintenance projects. It’s recommended that a household save between 1% and 4% of the purchase price each year to take care of regular upkeep. A home is the biggest investment most people will make. To make sure your home maintains its value, don’t delay performing these property maintenance tasks.

Property Maintenance Becomes Costly if You Delay

Replacing Caulking

Check the caulking around your bathtub and sinks. Cracked or missing caulk means that water can penetrate that area. Even a small leak in a bathtub or sink can lead to major water damage given enough time. The moisture from the leak may cause mold growth. If not removed, mold can lead to respiratory issues and structural damage, and make a home difficult to sell.

Property Maintenance Means Keeping Gutters Clean

Cleaning gutters might not seem like an important project. However, sticks, leaves, and other debris in a gutter prevents water from flowing freely. When it pools, water can soak through your roof or overflow from the gutters. Water leaking through your roof can damage roofing supports and ceilings. Overflowing gutters allow water from the roof to affect your home’s foundation.

Sealing Decks

Another of the property maintenance chores you don’t want to overlook is sealing your deck. Most decks are made of wood, and water will cause damage over time. It is a minor cost every couple of years to stain and seal a deck. Maintenance will be less expensive than replacing the decking. It’s always preferable to spend less in the short term to avoid a bigger expense in the long term.

Fixing Plumbing Leaks is Part of Property Maintenance

Water can be one of your worst enemies when you own a house. Over time, it’s possible for plumbing leaks to develop in your water supply lines and your drain pipes. When this happens, water may damage your walls or your floors. Leaks often start slowly so inspect your plumbing regularly. Repair any small problems before they cause major issues in your home.

Foundation Inspections

Foundation repairs can be costly, but if you find issues early, you’ll probably pay less than you will if you wait until the problem worsens. Cracked foundations allow water and pests inside, both of which cause property damage.

Keeping up with basic property maintenance chores can save you thousands of dollars over time. By taking care of potential problems early on, your home will remain habitable for decades to come.

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