Every homeowner wants to provide a comfortable and secure space for family and friends. There are many easy ways to create a safe and healthy home, including everything from filtering your tap water to making sure your indoor air is free from pollutants.

1. Remove Dust in the Home

A simple way to keep your home healthy is by removing dust, which may contain particles like fire retardants, mold, chemicals, and pesticides. Household dust can also aggravate allergies. Regularly removing dust in your home helps prevent an array of health issues. Dust and vacuum frequently and clean the filter after every vacuuming session.

2. Schedule Radon Testing for a Safe and Healthy Home

Radon is an odorless and colorless gas that occurs naturally in the rocks and soil underground. However, it’s possible for this gas to reach dangerous levels when it becomes trapped indoors. Radon gas is a known carcinogen. Since the gas is odorless, schedule professional radon testing to make sure your home is safe from high levels of radon.

3. For a Healthy Home, Don’t Allow Smoking Indoors

Another dangerous threat to air quality in your home is cigarette smoke. Create a space outdoors for smokers, well away from windows and doors. Limiting smoking to outside the house or quitting the habit altogether will help make a safe and healthy home.

4. Test Smoke and CO Detectors

To keep your family safe in case of a fire, place multiple smoke detectors throughout your home. Some models of smoke detectors are designed to detect both smoke and carbon monoxide, which is preferable. To be certain that your devices are working, test detectors on a regular basis and replace batteries as needed.

5. For a Safe and Healthy Home, Install a Water Filter

Tap water may contain unhealthy substances like industrial chemicals, fertilizers, and bacteria. By filtering your tap water before drinking it, you’ll have clean and healthy water to drink. Have your water tested by a professional to determine what kind of water filter is best for your situation. For a safe and healthy home, choose a water purifier that filters out the impurities specific to your water.

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